GoToMeeting 10.19

Schedules meetings and keeps your agenda up to date
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Provides features that remind you of meetings and important professional events. The meetings can be accessed from multiple platforms like Microsoft office or instant-messaging programs. By any chance, if your colleagues have missed a meeting, the recording feature can save the day, record the meeting and share it.

GoToMeeting is a solution for users who need to organize online meetings for individuals or organizations. It has a wide array of features that facilitate online video conferences. This is done easily thanks to its high definition capabilities through the VoIP technology.

The installation process goes smoothly and requires minimal computer skills. As you enter the application, you discover a standard interface with an intuitive and easy-to-navigate menu. It comes equipped with a few customizations, but it lacks extra theme skins and advanced visual options.

By using this program, users can organize training courses for their employees easily, thus reducing the time, effort and costs. Up to 25 persons can participate in an online meeting and the sessions can take place via an audio and video connection. Moreover, online meetings can be recorded for later use. The person in charge of the session can allocate seats and monitor usage. Last but not least, users shouldn't be concerned about security issues. GoToMeeting provides an SSL-encryption environment with 128-bit AES algorithms for all communications.

To summarize, GoToMeeting is a decent program for creating and organizing online meetings. The price seems reasonable, memory usage is low, so you should give it a try.

John Saunders
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Review summary


  • Requires a low amount of memory
  • Has a decent price
  • Comes with SSL encryption


  • Lacks extra theme skins
  • Has very few graphic customizations
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